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What Makes A Product Or Business Memorable?

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Making a memorable first impression is not just important for meeting new people, it’s also essential for businesses. Thanks to international eCommerce, the constant influx of startups, and brand loyalty, competition is stiff for all types of products and businesses.

If you want any chance at success, you have to be memorable. But in today’s world of social media and 5,000 ads per day, standing out is a lot harder than it sounds.

Fortunately, we have some excellent brands to look toward for example. Here are some of the common themes that make products or brands memorable to consumers.

Create an Experience

You can’t just sell a product, to stand out you must sell an experience. IKEA, Costco, McDonald’s, and other top brands sell an experience. You don’t go to McDonald’s because it has the best food, you go so your kid can romp around on the playset.

When you create an experience for your customers, you connect your brand with other senses and memories that make you more memorable. Just think about scent names for example. They tend to be very interesting, and that’s because they are trying to create an experience with the name. Nature’s Garden has The Perfect Man, a fragrance oil with 13 blended fragrances that smell like, well, the perfect man. You won’t forget that scent because it invokes the image and expectations of an “ideal man”.

Consistency Everywhere

Another key to memorability is consistency. The top brands have a strong brand persona on all top channels. Whether you find them on Instagram, their website, or a physical location, everything about their presence is so them. To do this, you’ll need to outline your brand voice and persona, create a design guide, and use consistent imagery. Additionally, you’ll want to be available to consumers on multiple channels and touchpoints.

Intentional Language

Establishing your brand voice is crucial for being memorable. Humor tends to go a long way, and the best part is that there are different types of humor so you can play on the type that works best for your brand. Even if your brand takes a more serious tone, use language intentionally to create witty headlines and clear copy. Generally, it also helps to be accessible to your audience by limiting the use of jargon or overly-complicated text.

Connect with a Buyer Persona

Yeah, you’ll need to know your target audience and figure out what types of people you cater to. But the best brands turn their customers into a certain persona which they end up identifying with. One of the best examples is Apple. The Get Mac ads are a prime example of how Apple identifies its customer as cool, young, hip, trendy, in stark contrast to the lame, outdated, and older PC customers. The on-trend young adult is who Apple targets, but they’ve also made their customers feel like and identify with that persona. Apple has associated itself with something that a lot of people want to be, which is part of what makes their brand so recognizable and desirable.

Set Yourself Apart

The key to having a memorable product or brand is to do something different. The most memorable brands may offer something similar to other brands, but they have a unique quality that sets them apart. You have to find out what that quality should be for you. You’ll have to find new, creative ways to distinguish yourself from the competition. Once you’ve nailed down what attributes make you unique, it’s important to highlight them across all brand assets.

The most memorable businesses and products bring something new to the table. They create a powerful customer experience that’s available on multiple platforms. They’re consistent, clever, and undeniably unique, but they don’t get there overnight. How can your brand set itself apart in 2021?

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