Meet The Granfluencers: Influencers Over 55 Who Are Way Cooler Than You

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When you think of a social media influencer, the first person to come to mind probably isn’t your grandma or grandpa. But a growing number of people aged 55+ are using social media to share their thoughts, talents, and adventures throughout their golden years.

Dubbed “granfluencers,” this older demographic of internet personalities has been surprisingly successful in attracting brand deals, gaining followers, and learning the ropes of various social media platforms. And since baby boomers are 12 times wealthier than millennials and control approximately 70% of the disposable income in the US, it’s puzzling that more companies haven’t partnered with older influencers to market towards the 55+ audience before.

In recent years, however, more brands have warmed up to the idea of working with granfluencers, and people of all ages are loving the increased representation in online marketing. Here are just a few senior social media influencers who are proving that age really is just a number.

Lyn Slater

67-year-old Lyn Slater started a fashion blog in 2014 and now has a commanding social media presence with over 750,000 followers. Several brands have sought her out to market their products, including Perricone MD, Oribe, and French fashion house Maison Margiela. It’s estimated that the fashionable professor earns about $2,900 per sponsored post.

You can check out Lyn’s Instagram, Accidental Icon, or visit her website to learn more about her exciting journey from unknown fashion icon to beloved influencer.

Helen Winkle

92-year-old Helen has been “Stealing your man since 1928,” and her Instagram account has earned her over 3.5 million adoring followers. Helen’s outgoing personality, sense of humor, and eclectic sense of style has made her the most popular granfluencer on the platform. Since 2013, she has done brand deals with Svedka vodka, LG, Aussie Hair, Fashion Nova, Lisa Frank, and INCredible Cosmetics, just to name a few. It’s estimated that the louder-than-life granfluencer can earn up to $9,815 per sponsored post!

Angie Schmitt

Angie has racked up over 962,000 subscribers on her HotandFlashy YouTube channel since she began making videos in 2012. She has created hundreds of videos aimed at older women who want to learn the best makeup techniques, skincare routines, and fashion tips beyond the age of 50. Angie’s contagious personality has earned her a brand deal with Curology, helping the brand expand its product line for anti-aging skin concerns. According to Tribe Dynamics, she earned an astounding $1.9 million of the brand’s total EMV of $10.4 million that year.

Irvin Randle

59-year-old Irvin Randle, known affectionately as “#MrStealYourGrandma,” became popular on Instagram after sharing selfies and photos of his effortlessly cool outfits. He has over 800,000 followers on his Facebook page, in addition to 400,000 followers on Instagram. Since becoming internet famous, the former elementary school teacher made his runway debut, was featured in several magazines, and was named the brand ambassador for The Davis Collection Beard Company. Irvin brings in about $1,400 per sponsored post.

Joan MacDonald

75-year-old fitness granfluencer Joan MacDonald is the creator of the Train With Joan Instagram account, which currently has over 1.4 million followers. Joan’s inspirational story has resonated with people of all ages, proving that it’s never too late to prioritize your health and get into shape. Just 4 years ago, Joan was overweight and struggling with a myriad of health concerns. Since then, she has transformed her physical health and has partnered with several fitness and wellness brands, including supplement brand Women’s Best and the Sensate device.

Charlotte Simpson

65-year-old retired teacher and guidance counselor Charlotte was one of the most influential partners that brand Aura Frames could have hoped for. “Her work accounted for our best-performing ad in 2020, bringing in nearly five times more conversions than any influencer ad, with six times more engagement than any ad creative,” raved Rahel Marsie-Hazen, the head of PR & content for Aura Frames. Charlotte’s Instagram account, Traveling Black Widow, is all about her solo travel adventures and inspiring others to see the world independently. Check out her account to see her photos from India, Italy, Morocco, and more!

Final Thoughts

The power of granfluencers proves that brands can branch out and reach a broader audience by partnering with authentic individuals, regardless of their age. There is no standard approach to influencer marketing or content marketing, but following these older internet personalities may give you more ideas about the best partners for your next ad campaign. 

If you want to learn more about how older generations are shaking up the social media marketing game, check out our other post on the topic: The Rise of Granfluencers.

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